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A meeting in the context of the exhibition The Other Architect, in cooperation with Volume magazine. Caro van Dijk, André Kempe, Kristian Koreman/ZUS, Lada Hrsak and Piet Vollaard discussed the practice of architects who have embraced a broader definition of their roles as designers. Moderated by Arjen Oosterman of ArchisVolume.


The 2008 financial crisis led (in particular in the Netherlands) to a reflection within the architectural community on working methods, profile, portfolio and possibilities of the profession. The report ‘The New Architect’ by Atelier Kempe Thill (2010) distinguished several profiles to discover new markets or recover old ones. As shown in the catalogue The Other Architect, that is not entirely new; offices have been thinking outside of the box for decades.

With five architects we discussed where things are today: what possibilities does the architect have, what does he or she has or wants to offer and what can society expect? We did not shy away from a look at the next crisis – the overtake of tasks through digitization and A.I. The architect is (almost) dead, long live the architect! With: Caro van Dijk, André Kempe/Atelier Kempe Thill, Kristian Koreman/ZUS, Lada Hršak and Piet Vollaard. Moderator Arjen Oosterman/ArchisVolume.

The Other Architect was organised by the Canadian Centre for Architecture (CCA) in Montreal.

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