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Exhibition Credits

The Other Architect is organised by the Canadian Centre for Architecture (CCA), Montréal. The CCA gratefully acknowledges the generous support of the Ministère de la Culture et des Communications du Québec, the Canada Council for the Arts, and the Conseil des arts de Montréal.

The exhibition is curated by Giovanna Borasi, Chief Curator at CCA. Borasi’s exhibitions and related books shape contemporary discussion in architecture with a particular attention to alternative ways of practicing and evaluating architecture, and how environmental, political and social issues are influencing today’s urbanism and built environment. Educated in architecture, Borasi initiated her career as editor and writer for Lotus International (1998–2005) and Lotus Navigator (2000–2004), and served as assistant editor for the book series Quaderni di Lotus (1999). She was a member of the editorial staff of the graphic design magazine Lettera (2000), a supplement to the magazine Abitare, and was Deputy Editor in Chief for Abitare (2011– 2013). Giovanna Borasi joined the CCA as Curator for Contemporary Architecture in 2005 and became Chief Curator in 2014.

The curatorial team for The Other Architect is composed of Gregory Barton, Lev Bratishenko, Rebecca Taylor, and Alice Haddad. The research team is composed of Gregory Barton, Lev Bratishenko, Alice Haddad, Josephine Minhinnett, Rebecca Taylor with Kayoko Ota and Jin Motohashi (Architectural Detective Agency), Maggie Tsang (Design-A-Thon), Florencia Alvarez (Pidgeon Audio Visual), Konstantinos Pantazis and Marianne Rentzou (Delos Symposion).

The exhibition graphics are designed by Christian Lange, COCCU, Munich. Lange won Bronze at the Best Book Design from all over the World competition in 2014 and the award for the Best German Book Design in 2013.

The installation and display furniture in the exhibition at Het Nieuwe Instituut are designed by Eric Roelen, Amsterdam.


The exhibition is accompanied by a publication The Other Architect, edited by Giovanna Borasi, which presents over 300 colour facsimiles of historical documents alongside contributions by Florencia Alvarez, Pep Avilés, Greg Barton, Samuel Dodd, Isabelle Doucet, Ole W. Fischer, Anna Foppiano, Kim Förster, Owen Hatherley, Larissa Harris, Alison B. Hirsch, Douglas Moffat, Whitney Moon, Pierluigi Nicolin, Kayoko Ota, Panayiota Pyla, Angela Rui, Deane Simpson, Johanne Sloan, Molly Wright Steenson, Rebecca Taylor, and Mirko Zardini. The 416-page book is published by the Canadian Centre for Architecture with Spector Books, and designed by Jonathan Hares. The book is available at NAi Booksellers, Het Nieuwe Instituut.

Canadian Centre for Architecture

The Canadian Centre for Architecture (CCA) in Montreal is an international research centre and museum founded in 1979 on the conviction that architecture is a public concern. The institution is a leading voice in advancing knowledge, promoting public understanding, and widening thought and debate on architecture, its history, theory, practice and role in society today.